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Heads and Heart

Meet our Team

Imagine a group of people completely in love with experiences, with community, with connections. This group came together to bring this event to life, to promote unique moments and a platform that connects people.


Creator of the project and mind behind the brand. Diego has a passion for creating experiences for people and bringing them together through events. Mind behind Run4auckland, HOA Marketing Agency and professor of event management at AUT, Diego believes that Everybody`s will be a new platform for people to start new and deep connections with the city.


Literally the hands and head behind great ideas. With her vast experience in events and her unique logistics, organization and management skills, Amy followed the birth of Everybody`s from day 1. For every project to be successful, you need someone who knows how to bring it to life, in we have the best of all.


To talk about Community, we need an expert, Tegan is the Community Foundations Lead at lululemon AUNZ. Passionate about all things movement and community, and reference when it comes to bringing incredible humans to work together, she is part of the team that helped bring this project to life.

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